Will Peer-to-Peer Sidechains Save Bitcoin? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | January 29, 2022

What if we could have prevented the infamous Bitcoin civil war?  The scaling war beginning in 2017, which led to multiple Bitcoin hard forks, was much more than just a debate between the ideas of small and big blocks.  While the BTC version of Bitcoin has won out being the dominant version in the market,…

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Can We Really Still Have Freedom Without Privacy? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | January 6, 2022

They Say Privacy Doesn’t Matter… Until It Does!  At The Crypto Vigilante (SUBSCRIBE), we are all very contrarian, and we don’t always agree with each other.  While our analysts offer the best trading tips in the space, we don’t generally follow the latest hype trends because we focus more on what matters for long-term growth…

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Are We All Being Lied To About Crypto? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | January 3, 2022

Happy new year!  It’s been thirteen years since the bitcoin network launched.  Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first bitcoin block on this day in 2009.  Since then, the world has changed. So many lies plague the burgeoning crypto space, and those of us who can see the writing on the wall share a duty to warn…

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Let There Be Dark: Amir Taaki Introduces DarkFi [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | December 17, 2021

“Crypto will split into two. RegFi will be unusable and bolted down. It will be toothless. The other side will be the underground DarkFi. It will have bite.”  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most influential and intriguing crypto developers globally.  Known for his leading role in the early days of…

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Solving the Problem of Financial Censorship with Crypto [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | December 14, 2021

Over the last few years, most of my research has revolved around blockchain entrepreneurship.  I always come back to Bitcoin’s original design because I believe it’s the best protocol for building startups and businesses on-chain, at scale.   Perhaps more than money, Satoshi’s most killer app is the decentralized network serving as a backend engine to…

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Introducing DERO – The Future of Private Smart Contracts [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | December 5, 2021

There’s no shortage of problems with ETH, but the lack of privacy is the primary concern with Ethereum, along with its slew of competitors.  They’re essentially systems for “dumb contracts,” not smart contracts.  Who wants to get subjected to financial voyeurism?  Censorship resistance requires privacy by default, especially for DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). Of course,…

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Where Does Bitcoin’s Value and Utility Come From? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | November 29, 2021

What is the actual value of Bitcoin and this technology called blockchain? CoinGeek invited me to New York City to be a panelist at their recent conference, alongside George Gilder, Dr. Craig S. Wright, and Dr. Eswar Prasad.  I refused to attend in person due to New York’s authoritarian mask and \/@x passport policies. However,…

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Blockchain Entrepreneurship: What’s Next for Disruptive Tech? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | November 23, 2021

Gratitude is the most empowering attitude for fostering success. No matter what you’re going through, I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to meditate on what you are grateful for.  One personal highlight of this year was when I had the pleasure of participating in a FreedomFest panel with some great minds;…

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Is Everyone Ignoring the Trial of the Century? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | November 9, 2021

Is news being suppressed about the Bitcoin trial taking place in Miami right now? For a potential $70 billion court case, is the ongoing Kleiman v. Wright saga being underreported? Or should it be ignored?   Why are some people saying there is a media blackout of this enormous event in crypto history?  As I have…

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How To Thrive With Cryptocurrency During The Dollar Collapse [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | November 7, 2021

When it comes to any crypto asset or technology, if it’s not private-by-default at the protocol level, it’s not private at all.  Here is my meta-analysis of Bitcoin’s history. The Bitcoin revolution was divided into four camps. The first group was honest in its assessment that Bitcoin would never be private-by-default at the protocol level.…

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What’s The Next Big Thing In Crypto? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | October 10, 2021

It’s been quite an active few weeks here at The Crypto Vigilante, but the truth is, crypto is just getting started. I recently participated in a Bitcoin and Blockchain discussion panel with George Gilder, Dr. Craig S. Wright, and Dr. Eswar Prasad. It was a lively exchange on how value comes from real utility. Video coming…

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How Mesh Networks Can Power a New Internet Off The Grid [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | September 8, 2021

During 2018 in Venezuela, there were power blackouts throughout the country, leaving cities without power for weeks. Even cell towers ran out of power supply after a few days.  Despite some people charging their phones with generators or car batteries, there wasn’t any cell service for them to communicate with others: no calls, no SMS,…

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Does Crypto Enable Privacy or Transparency? Why Not Both? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | September 2, 2021

These days it can seem like everyone is living in hiding. People hide their faces, their identities, and their assets, obscuring everything. It’s almost like a new dark age.  Indeed, we cannot have light without darkness, and perhaps it’s the same with cryptography.  For those of us who embrace our fundamental human right to privacy,…

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Debate: Will The Real Bitcoin Please Stand Up? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | August 17, 2021

It has been fifty years since the launch of the fiat money experiment known as the US dollar.  On August 15, 1971, Richard Nixon took the dollar off of the gold standard. Essentially, the “US dollar became fake money ripping off workers, and savers became losers,” as Robert Kiyosaki explained on Twitter.  The author of…

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How To Be Sure When The Price Is Wrong [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | August 3, 2021

The price is not always right. In 2018, Dr. Daniel Kim (Ph.D. physics Harvard, MBA Yale) decided to meet the need for a bridge between the separate worlds of “new money” (non-commercial, open-source, grass-roots, cypherpunk crypto projects), and the incumbent “old money” industry of sophisticated trust and estate planning, structural asset protection, and legacy wealth…

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What is the best way to join Bitcoin apps? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | July 31, 2021

After the Bitcoin civil war of 2017, BCH immediately sprang up, followed by BSV, to continue the tradition of building on the Bitcoin blockchain as opposed to the limited store-of-value or “digital gold” mindset of mainstream Bitcoin. When we started The Crypto Vigilante (SUBSCRIBE), Jeff Berwick and Ed Bugos tasked me with building a team…

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Move Money Forward: Is Silicon Valley Afraid of Bitcoin? [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | July 19, 2021

Back in 2017, there was a civil war over how to scale Bitcoin.  Now there are the big blockers, those who believe Bitcoin blocks should increase in size to accommodate the capacity of transactions, and small blockers, who say it’s better to optimize the block space they already have.  It’s no secret that I’ve always…

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Is this Bull Market over? Interview with Mr. A of The Crypto Vigilante

By Rafael LaVerde | July 7, 2021

“The market takes away from the impatient and gives to the patient.” Jeff Berwick and I designed The Crypto Vigilante (SUBSCRIBE) to be the world’s best team of cryptocurrency experts. As you may know, Mr. W, our Crypto Market Technician, is excellent with the charts. I’ve asked Mr. W to choose from anyone in the…

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How You Can Avoid Getting REKT As a Crypto Newbie [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | June 27, 2021

I was having a conversation with Jeff Berwick the other day. He told me something fundamental. He said investors get rekt when they have no knowledge or conviction… This is 100% true!  The only way to attain knowledge and conviction is by reading, studying, and coming to your own conclusions.  This requires work, discipline, independent…

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Piece of Cake: How To Gain Your Privacy Back [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | June 16, 2021

So many people do not understand this yet, but Monero (XMR) is the leading cryptocurrency focused on private and censorship-resistant transactions.   The majority of existing cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, have transparent blockchains. As a result, transactions can be verified and traced by anyone in the world. The sending and receiving addresses of these transactions…

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The Surprising Journey of One Compassionate Entrepreneur [VIDEO]

By Rafael LaVerde | June 5, 2021

The story of how my friend Sterlin Lujan got into crypto is genuinely inspiring. It all started when he was kidnapped and caged by agents of the State.  In case you missed it, I had the chance to interview Sterlin Lujan recently while he was in Acapulco. We had a great discussion about crypto, liberty,…

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