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Your Opportunity... Or Your Excuse.

Hi, Jeff Berwick here.

Congratulations for stepping up and deciding to make big changes in your crypto knowledge and bigger changes in your future investing success.

You’re faced with one of two decisions to make today. The first decision is the easiest – do nothing. Don’t take a leap of faith, don’t invest in The Crypto Vigilante, and settle for what you have now and get what you’ve always got.

Question – how’s that been working for you?

Your second choice is to make a small investment today, and yes, I said small because that’s what it is when you compare it to all the value you get in return. 

I’ve discovered that you can be good at developing your crypto investing skills and knowledge or making excuses, but you can’t be good at both. So, pick one. And excuses are sometimes hard to recognize until they’re brought to the surface, so here are some excuses which keep people trapped, while failing to see the returns and gains they desire...

Excuse #1 – "I can’t afford it." If people gave up because of money, we’d still be in the Stone Age. If you don’t have the resources, you have to be resourceful. Do you consider yourself resourceful enough to make short term sacrifices for long term gain a high priority in your life? Or is the excuse greater than your desire to change? 

Excuse #2 – "I don’t have the time." What that says to me is that you don’t want to take on the effort of changing how you use your time right now, so therefore what you currently have going on in your life is better than the effort to change it. You and I know that’s not true, but if that excuse is greater than your desire to change, then you’ve just condemned yourself to a prison of mediocrity.

If your desire to change is greater than your excuses, you’ll invest in yourself, you'll make it a priority and I have only seen people better off as a result of that. 

So, do nothing and get nothing or get started below... and find yourself on a better path for the best cryptocurrency information and advice available anywhere.


The Crypto Vigilante is the premier financial newsletter specializing in crypto-asset markets. 

Grounded with a strong foundation in free-market Austrian economics, TCV provides members with unparalleled technical & fundamental analysis of the crypto markets.

It is your looking glass into the world of cryptocurrency trading and investing. It’s the closest thing to a Crypto Crystal Ball and the closest thing to insider trading. 

Except it's 100% legal. With so much fear, doubt, and uncertainty in crypto while we wait for the TRUE upside breakout to come...

Now is the time for razor-sharp decision-making. 

No more guesswork.

No more hoping and praying. No more crossed fingers.

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MONTHLY TCV NEWSLETTERS: Get actionable crypto analysis and in-depth research you can digest easily. Discover EXACTLY what’s happening in the crypto market.

ONE insight could turn into a crypto fortune for you.

TCV PORTFOLIO UPDATES: Gain access to our top crypto portfolio recommendations. Learn about the cryptos we’re watching, which ones are up & coming, & our exact portfolio allocations.

CRYPTO INSIDER REPORTS: The Crypto Vigilante often issues new books & special reports. 

Subscribers get instant access.

TIMELY CRYPTO ALERTS: If a legitimate bull or bear trend begins, you get an alert. You'll know exactly when to buy, sell, hold, or add to your position, allowing you to profit on up or down trends.

CRYPTO MARKET UPDATE VIDEOS: Receive exclusive videos several times per week from the world's top crypto market technicians with actionable market analysis, trading ideas, & buy & sell targets.

And Also Includes These Valuable Bonuses, Available Instantly


The Crypto Vigilante Manifesto

This document gives you the necessary background to start making wise crypto investments and trades by yourself.


You’ll begin to understand our reasoning for picking coins based on analysis.


More importantly, this manifesto explains our activist investment philosophy of investing in projects that advance personal and economic freedom. 


This isn’t just about investing, but it’s a way of life! This includes which crypto products to use, and which ones to avoid. You’ll learn which projects go against our anarcho-capitalist beliefs (e.g., "Scumbag" investments like Ripple).


The Difference Between Trading and Investing

Investing and trading are like night and day.

And the biggest mistake we see, is when people start trading but end up as investors. Or the opposite.

In the old days, we called them stuck-holders.

In this easy-to-read-report, Senior Analyst Ed Bugos reflects on his 30 year career to help people stop conflating investing with trading in their own strategies...

...And even when reading The Crypto Vigilante's analysis.


Bitcoin Basics 2nd Edition

Investing and trading are like night and day.

And the biggest mistake we see, is when people start trading but end up as investors. Or the opposite.

In the old days, we called them stuck-holders.

In this easy-to-read-report, Senior Analyst Ed Bugos reflects on his 30 year career to help people stop conflating investing with trading in their own strategies...

...And even when reading The Crypto Vigilante's analysis.


Crypto Cleaning Tutorial (New Edition Coming Soon)

This short but crucial report shows you a detailed process for “cleaning” your cryptos to remove any illegal “smudges” from your coins.


Yes, this process is a bit technical, but Mr. X walks you through step-by-step. It’s easy for old geezers who hate computers (like me).


Sleep like a baby tonight now that your cryptos are clean. No government agency can trace ANY criminal activity back to you. Now, nobody can frame you for a crime you didn’t commit. You’re all clear!


Becoming Invisible: Anonymous Exchange Tutorial (New Edition Coming Soon)

Making money on crypto is great… but not if you’re thrown in prison and can’t enjoy it.


This tutorial shows you how to trade crypto 100% anonymously, without relying on a centralized custodial exchange (which could be subject to government force, and the seizure of your funds!).


Don’t be fooled by free other tutorials you might have seen…


Many tutorials on the Internet show methods and exchanges that have been compromised! Always remember; you get what you pay for.


Finish this tutorial and enjoy a deep sigh of relief…


You feel a weight lift off your shoulders as the “All Seeing Eye” of the Surveillance State becomes blind to all your crypto activity. You are free.


The Dollar Vigilante

To make the best crypto investment decisions for your future, we believe its important for you to understand the news and economics of what's happening in the world. 

That's why we're including Premium Membership in the extremely popular Dollar Vigilante.

If you're already a member of The Dollar Vigilante, let us know after enrolling and we'll get you a pro-rated refund on your remaining membership.


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My Guarantee to You

Obviously, I can't guarantee you'll make the right decisions with your investments, as ultimately that comes down to you...

And because our information is so valuable, and just a few of our picks have given our subscribers gains of 1,886%, 2,230%, 33,640%, and 39,900%, we can't offer a money back guarantee...

But I can guarantee that our entire team's focus is on making you wealthy and keeping that wealth safe. And our members agree.

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"I've been in crypto since 2016 and I thought I was almost-expert. I was so wrong. I have learned so much with TCV..."

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"Mr. A is worth the TCV subscription by himself. A.. other guys are awesome too."

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"TCV at the cutting edge."

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"Shout out to the crypto vigilante crew Mr. A and Mr. W. I love the video updates. Thank you, gentlemen. God bless."

"You guys really hit it out of the park with your newsletters! The quality and depth of information does not go unnoticed."


Remember here's just a bit of what you're getting every month, with The Crypto Vigilante

Hardcore advice from our team of analysts and crypto geniuses looking over your shoulder - they’re telling you exactly what to do and what not to do. They’ve got your back.

They’re telling you which coins to buy, which coins to sell, which coin to avoid because it’s a scam... and the hidden truth that makes certain coins long-term winners.

Most importantly they’re telling you WHEN to make your moves so you can ride the waves UP or DOWN and PROFIT on BOTH.

Crypto investments and trades with 99% greater certainty than everybody else in the Crypto Wild West.

Actionable crypto analysis you can digest in a few minutes - telling you exactly what’s really happening in the crypto market.

Plus, you’ll get details from Rafael, Mr. X, and the rest of our world-class team of crypto gurus who have spent (and continue to spend) years upon years knee-deep in technical and fundamental research... They’ve boiled it down into a few concise pages for you.

Throughout the month you’ll get updates with our analysis on the latest news and developments affecting our top crypto portfolio holdings. We’ll be revealing our top wallet picks for each of these portfolio picks.

Once inside, you’ll know exactly which coins we’re watching, which ones are up and coming, and which ones we’re selling off FAST.

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