How Monero Can Help Topple an Authoritarian Regime [VIDEO]

Martha Bueno is a Miami-based entrepreneur from a family with over three generations of farming in Cuba and the United States.  She is the co-host of Libertarios Hispanos, a show in Spanish that discusses issues of importance to the Hispanic community – with a libertarian focus. 

Martha Bueno spent six years living in Venezuela, and as such, she witnessed and understands the catastrophic effects of rampant hyperinflation.  Due to heavy money-printing and deficit spending, Venezuela’s money has lost nearly all its value.  

After years of the socialist regime meddling in the economy, the bolivar has been rendered worthless.  It’s not uncommon for Venezuelans to break off flakes of gold to pay for everyday items. 

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Martha Bueno backstage at MoneroTopia in Miami after she finished giving her remarkable presentation on Why Liberty Matters. 

Martha was the Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Miami and was elected Chair of the Community Council in West Kendall. The mother of four is currently running for Commissioner of Miami-Dade district 10. 

Bueno’s campaign platform states: 

“Crypto allows everyday Americans to hedge against inflation and break away from depending on the American dollar, which has lost 85% of its value since being taken off the gold standard in 1971. I will continue to support the crypto market by preventing government intervention and allowing healthy competition.” 

In my discussion with Martha, we covered everything from how she came to crypto, and her experience in local politics, to the Cuban government’s interest in Bitcoin and Cuba as a use-case for Monero (XMR). 

“I realize this technology can change the way things are done. We can literally topple this regime which counts on fiat dollars and euros,” said Martha. “I started the path of searching for a way for Cuba, and I came across Monero.” 

During our interview, Martha had a lot of insight to share about libertarian activism and politicians embracing Bitcoin. We also talked about the importance of privacy, project cooperation, incentivization, and legal compliance with Monero. 

Enjoy the full interview here: 

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What if more people stood up like Martha Bueno and actually got involved in their local communities? 

One by one, the nations of South America are slipping towards Communism.  With the widespread tyranny ramping up and much of the world experiencing record inflation, my conversation with Martha Bueno couldn’t be more urgent. 

Freedom finds a way.  It’s only a matter of time before solutions like Monero begin to catch on with the mainstream.  It’s already happening. 

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Rafael LaVerde

Rafael LaVerde has a background in private equity and venture capital. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 while volunteering on Ron Paul's presidential campaign. He served as board member of a Libertarian Super PAC while doing post-graduate work in economics, and was also a member of the University of Texas’ Mises Circle. His formal education includes graduate degrees in continental philosophy and psychology. He has been a Bitcoin miner since 2014. Rafael also managed investor relations for the BitAngels Network, which helped finance the vast majority of early Bitcoin startups, and was also part of the DApps Fund team that revolutionized funding structures that eventually became known as ICOs and STOs. He was also the founding partner of what became one of the very first Bitcoin venture capital funds.