Dero: Unmasking the Future of Privacy in Crypto, With Mr. A and Kalina Lux [VIDEO]

In a world where privacy is increasingly eroded and individual freedoms are under constant threat, Dero (DERO) emerges as a beacon of hope, embodying the spirit of liberty, freedom, and privacy.

Recently, I had the privilege of joining TCV Analyst Mr. A and Dero pioneer Kalina Lux on The Portal, where we delved into the depths of the project’s potential. This interview ignited a fire within me, reigniting my passion for the power of decentralized technologies.

Dero, much like Monero (XMR) in its early days, began with a small, devoted community of passionate individuals when it traded for around $5.

Mr. A shared, “When there was a release of a darknet market for Monero, it went from $5 to $100 in a matter of three weeks! I think Dero is prime to have one of those events where something happens that trigger usage and hype. The vibration of it is very similar.

At The Crypto Vigilante, we are encouraged to delve into the research, offering invaluable insights into the future of our portfolio. Dero, with its mature state and sober network, reflects the seriousness and commitment exhibited by its community.

I added, “It's been no more than a year since the launch of the mainnet. Despite it being so new, it has a veteran-like culture because it's been worked on for over four or five years now. It has a very mature ecosystem, even though it is a very new cryptocurrency.”

The Dero community exudes a sense of seriousness and privacy consciousness, making it an attractive space for those seeking financial autonomy. If you resonate, then this interview is for you!

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The world we inhabit is gradually embracing tyranny and surveillance, often camouflaged under the guise of progress. However, just as it took time for HTTPS to become the standard, the adoption of privacy-focused technology may unfold over a similarly gradual process.

One of the key takeaways that Kalina’s questions bring to light, is that patience is critical.

Dero emerges as a formidable force, with unrivaled technology such as DEROHE (Dero Homomorphic Encryption). This offers sophistication in business and personal privacy that is greatly needed, but not wanted by the general public.

In this tumultuous landscape, marked by volatility and uncertainty, we must approach the crypto market with humility, responsibility, and a commitment to personal growth.

We must be at peace with ourselves, making educated decisions rooted in a deep understanding of the market. As we embark on this journey towards financial autonomy, let us embrace the ideals of patience, constant learning, and the maturation of the network.

Nevertheless, economic forces could awaken the masses to the urgency of safeguarding their privacy. The tide will eventually turn towards privacy. When it does, Dero and Monero stand as the solutions, ready to empower individuals in an increasingly opaque world.

Let us not forget that rapid growth, in the nascent stages, can inflict harm upon the network. Together, armed with the research provided by The Crypto Vigilante and the remarkable potential of Dero, we stand poised to unlock a future where privacy and freedom reign supreme.

Peace, love, and anarchy.

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Rafael LaVerde

Rafael LaVerde has a background in private equity and venture capital. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 while volunteering on Ron Paul's presidential campaign. He served as board member of a Libertarian Super PAC while doing post-graduate work in economics, and was also a member of the University of Texas’ Mises Circle. His formal education includes graduate degrees in continental philosophy and psychology. He has been a Bitcoin miner since 2014. Rafael also managed investor relations for the BitAngels Network, which helped finance the vast majority of early Bitcoin startups, and was also part of the DApps Fund team that revolutionized funding structures that eventually became known as ICOs and STOs. He was also the founding partner of what became one of the very first Bitcoin venture capital funds.