Monero Powered Mom: Nam Sardar’s Vision to Secure Her Children’s Future [VIDEO]

I’d like to tell you about a Crypto Vigilante success story. Nam Sardar is the Founder/CEO of Neel Capital, a strong supporter of Monero, and a mother working to provide a bright future for her children.

After her incredible presentation at Monerotopia, I sat down to interview her and only then learned that she discovered Monero by being TCV subscriber.

Moms are a truly underrated force in the economy.  As the administrators of the household, they understand the value of having a reliable currency and medium of exchange. Financial intelligence is critical, especially at a time when censorship is becoming more prevalent and even child custody can be at stake for disagreeing with a government.

Nam has had a personal experience with the state forcing a procedure on her son that had a profound negative impact. As a result, she is now concentrating on preparing her children for the future. To accomplish this, she encourages them to seek wealth outside of the traditional system, with the ultimate goal of making them happy and self-sufficient.

Parents want to ensure their children’s happiness in the future by giving them the tools they need to succeed. These days, the best route to success usually involves deviating from the traditional path of education and employment. Parents may feel pressure from their culture to take this path, but their ultimate goal is to give their children the best chance of happiness.

Understandably, Nam has grown distrustful of the system but has realized that she does not know enough to dismiss it completely. She has realized that her experiences as a mother have played a significant role in her journey.

She told us about Neel Capital,  a cryptocurrency company she established in Dubai that is both legal and outside of the mainstream. Nam believes that sound money can liberate people from the confines of an office cubicle and give them more options. 

You can see, this is a woman taking bold action to pursue what she believes in.

Watch the full interview:

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In the interview, Nam explains the concept of sound money using the analogy of liquid and solid food, with liquid representing cash and solid representing sound money.

The difference between hard assets and paper money is explained using the metaphor of two bowls of soup. The first bowl of soup is constantly filled with water, symbolizing currency inflation and a lack of value. 

The second bowl of soup contains meat and vegetable chunks, which represent hard assets that retain their value and nutrition over time. The water in the first bowl slowly rises, but it has no nutritional value.

The analogy of a bowl of soup filled with water is used to explain how the parasitic ruling class consumes all wealth. To save money and avoid being taken advantage of, it is critical to understand hard assets, casual assets, and how the system works.

More importantly, always remember what actually matters.

Nam was able to leave her job and start her own business, but she has spent years driving the oldest car in the parking lot. She never desired to compete for materialistic things and has always understood that her children rely on her to do her best for them. 

That said, Nam’s financial wisdom is applicable to even those that aren’t parents.  It’s about forgoing luxury to make sound investments.  If you really want to go to the moon, you should skip the Lambo.  Live below your means, learn as much as you can, and invest wisely. 

Heed Nam’s advice as she cautions young families against falling into the societal trap of having to have certain items and photos on Instagram. A quote by Will Rogers says it all: “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”

Instead, concentrate on spending less than you earn and investing the difference. Nam is living these values truly and leading by example. Because of that her children’s futures are secure.  We’re happy to have inspired her along the way.

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