Is Bitcoin a Lifeboat To Save Us From Financial Collapse? [VIDEO]

Crypto is about so much more than making money.  

I hope more people realize that cryptocurrency is a technology created to stop and end tyranny worldwide. Bitcoin isn’t the only solution, but it is a huge answer to the printing presses of the central banking cartel, which fund the state’s monopoly of violence. 

The powers that (shouldn’t) be are afraid of what we have in Bitcoin, and I believe that’s why tyranny is ramping up these days. 

The foundation of crypto is libertarianism which empowers the individual. The communists, fascists, and technocrats hate what crypto represents and enables, which is competition

The market has provided us with what I consider to be defensive privacy tools like Monero (XMR) and Pirate Chain (ARRR). In my opinion, Satoshi gave us an offensive tool of innovation for extreme capitalism, which is Bitcoin’s original design at scale.

It may even be the case that developments in Dero (DERO) or DarkFi bring us the best of both worlds. 

As I see it, with hyperinflation will come hyperbitcoinization. It seems this course cannot be reversed. Yet we better ensure we are prepared with the proper tools when it’s time to disrupt the status quo because Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) will be waiting to swallow us up. 

Crypto communities can be very tribal, but we can all learn and grow more if we dialogue and communicate instead of warring with each other while the real enemy is out there seeking to control us. 

The atomic swaps between Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) are excellent because it helps facilitate a symbiotic relationship between blockchains. 

I covered all of this in my recent walk and talk video with my dogs. 

Watch the video here: 

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The Bitcoin miners will always be here on the backend of the network. Both small blockers and big blockers must continue innovating. 

As we see countries like El Salvador turning to Bitcoin, this is just the start. Eventually, crypto will change politics and government forever. 

Meanwhile, as tyranny increases worldwide, each one of us needs to step up our game. 

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Rafael LaVerde

Rafael LaVerde has a background in private equity and venture capital. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 while volunteering on Ron Paul's presidential campaign. He served as board member of a Libertarian Super PAC while doing post-graduate work in economics, and was also a member of the University of Texas’ Mises Circle. His formal education includes graduate degrees in continental philosophy and psychology. He has been a Bitcoin miner since 2014. Rafael also managed investor relations for the BitAngels Network, which helped finance the vast majority of early Bitcoin startups, and was also part of the DApps Fund team that revolutionized funding structures that eventually became known as ICOs and STOs. He was also the founding partner of what became one of the very first Bitcoin venture capital funds.