When Will Monero Moon? XMR Price Analysis [VIDEO]

Mr. W is a crypto OG. An early Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) adopter, Mr. W has been a miner and an active cryptocurrency trader since 2013. 

As a Crypto Market Technician here at The Crypto Vigilante (SUBSCRIBE), Mr. W and our team of analysts provide timely crypto alerts for TCV members. 

As he also regularly does, Mr. W appeared again on the latest Monerotopia (episode #54 – 2/27/22) to report on the XMR price, recent trading activity, and technical analysis. 

Mr. W has a bachelor’s degree with a double major in economic and political science and an MBA with a concentration in finance and investments. His passion for sound money and Austrian economics add to this background to provide a unique perspective on cryptocurrency markets. 

According to Mr. W, the forecast for Monero looks better than previously expected, even in light of the Russia/Ukraine crisis. The market bounced back strongly from the lows of February. Privacy coins held up well despite or perhaps even because of the worldwide turmoil. 

The question is, are people finally beginning to realize that Bitcoin (BTC) is not private, fungible, or even very secure? 

Still, comparing the lows of January to the lows of February, we see a bullish signal for Monero overall.  

During his most recent appearance on Monerotopia, Mr. W covered everything from the implications of the Russian conflict and the SWIFT system to a likely short-term downside for stocks and other traditional financial instruments. 

Gold is the standard safe haven for investors, and cryptocurrency is still developing its narrative externally and internally before it is widely used as a medium to hedge risk. Of course, by now, most investors do not see Bitcoin as a hyper-risk investment. But since governments and corporations can track Bitcoin, the establishment is not afraid of people using it. 

Check out this week’s Monerotopia Price Report Segment and enjoy another fun song by Crypt0-Bear. 

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If BTC is not digital gold and is not practical as digital cash, then what the hell is it? 

With what has been happening in Canada, Ukraine, Russia, and other places worldwide, it is more important than ever to stay vigilant and protect your savings. 

Crypto tools can offer anyone financial privacy. Thankfully, those who want to safeguard our lives from the tyrannical oppression we are witnessing now have options. 

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Rafael LaVerde

Rafael LaVerde has a background in private equity and venture capital. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 while volunteering on Ron Paul's presidential campaign. He served as board member of a Libertarian Super PAC while doing post-graduate work in economics, and was also a member of the University of Texas’ Mises Circle. His formal education includes graduate degrees in continental philosophy and psychology. He has been a Bitcoin miner since 2014. Rafael also managed investor relations for the BitAngels Network, which helped finance the vast majority of early Bitcoin startups, and was also part of the DApps Fund team that revolutionized funding structures that eventually became known as ICOs and STOs. He was also the founding partner of what became one of the very first Bitcoin venture capital funds.