The Best Crypto Technical Analyst in the World, Mr. W!

Hello vigilantes!

How do you identify the world’s best crypto technical analyst (WBCTA)?

If narrated by Sir David Attenborough…

The WBCTA is a solitary animal; most often recognized by a single initial like…X… or W…

Chances are he has a list of credentials as long as your arm, yet he somehow managed to escape the compliance indoctrination used in business schools across the world to trap mainstream finance homo sapiens into believing it’s necessary and normal that all beings must be constrained by absolute authority over their freedom. Both financial and personal.

He’s rarely seen outside of his natural habitat, which is literally behind a screen, and figuratively behind the screens.

Most often, WBCTA behaviors are used to solidify hierarchical social rankings among peers. And the WBCTA’s behavior, like body posture, facial expressions, vocalizations and scent production have been observed to convey information to others, revealing emotions or alerts about potential danger.

By and large, WBCTAs are quiet animals, only coming out of hiding to help new tribe members navigate a new environment safely and informedly. Alas, most WBCTAs communicate in a secret language that resembles human communication, but which is technically far more complex. For this reason, finding a WBCTA that is able to give insightful market commentary and actionable trade ideas in simple human-speak is priceless. Especially when it comes to learning how to consistently beat the crypto market makers. Watch today’s video to find out when and where you can access the World’s Best Crypto Technical Analyst advice and guidance in real-time. (Here’s a hint: Mr. W is the newest member of The Crypto Vigilante team and from now he’ll be doing a new back-to-basics crypto series on this channel for TCV members!)

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Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered why Mr. W and Mr. X are hooded in the vids – it’s not because they’re thugs selling you on shady disguised intentions (what some people STILL believe Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are about). It’s simply because they both deeply care about every human being’s right to personal and financial autonomy and privacy.

The very best kind of people to have on your side when it comes to crypto anarchy and freedom.

Rafael LaVerde
Crypto Economics Analyst

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Rafael LaVerde

Rafael LaVerde has a background in private equity and venture capital. He discovered Bitcoin in 2012 while volunteering on Ron Paul's presidential campaign. He served as board member of a Libertarian Super PAC while doing post-graduate work in economics, and was also a member of the University of Texas’ Mises Circle. His formal education includes graduate degrees in continental philosophy and psychology. He has been a Bitcoin miner since 2014. Rafael also managed investor relations for the BitAngels Network, which helped finance the vast majority of early Bitcoin startups, and was also part of the DApps Fund team that revolutionized funding structures that eventually became known as ICOs and STOs. He was also the founding partner of what became one of the very first Bitcoin venture capital funds.